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September 28, 2017

'Yarn Up' Video Launch


On Tuesday 26 September, Child Wise in collaboration with The Gathering Place, launched the ‘Yarn Up About Child Abuse’ video, a valuable training resource designed to help prevent child abuse within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


‘Yarn  Up’ follows the stories of four Aboriginal survivors of child abuse and  provides insight and information from professionals within the child  protection and education   space. It’s an incredibly moving film  that aims to ensure the prevention and early intervention of child abuse  and neglect by building awareness of the indicators and understanding  of the impact on children.


The video highlights the effects of transgenerational trauma, and how both historical and current events and policies have had a devastating impact on the wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. But importantly, the video also offers hope and ideas for change to ensure that all children can grow up in their families safe from harm.


  The launch was held at Wyndham Park Community Centre and was well attended  by community services, police and council members. The launch began with a beautiful Welcome to Country by Aunty Zeta Thomson, accompanied by superb didgeridoo playing from Michael Cussens. Moving speeches were given from Colleen Marion (Gathering Place Founder/CEO), Katherine Levi (Child Wise CEO) and Jo Lee (Child Wise Trainer).



 Pictured - Michael Cussens and Aunty Zeta Thomson  performing Welcome to  Country


Our sincerest thanks to all those who attended the video launch to support this important initiative. Particular thanks to the Pinnacle Charitable Foundation who funded the production of the video and to their Community Investment Manager, Mary Jung, for travelling from Queensland for the launch. We’d also like to acknowledge all the participants in the video who so bravely shared their experiences and knowledge.



Pictured -  Joanne  Ryan,   MP for Laylor and Jo Lee, Child Wise Trainer


This video and launch is just the first step in a much bigger process to support and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to prevent child abuse and to help those speaking out and living with associated trauma. 


Our hope is that the ‘Yarn Up About Child Abuse’ video will be be widely utilised by organisations within an education and training context. To find out about usage and access to the video, please contact Child Wise  on   (03) 9998 9906    or   email  office@childwise.org.au 


Images  taken by    Joanne  Ryan,   MP for Laylor. 

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