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December 15, 2017

Child Wise Responds to Royal Commission Findings

A new era for the rights of children has begun.


The 41,770 calls, 25,774 letters, 57 public hearings, 8,013 private sessions and 2,559 referrals to authorities across five years of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, cannot be in vain.


The scale of child sexual abuse across Australia, both historical and recent, has been proven.


The intent to merge with   Save the Children puts Child Wise in an incredible position to provide more services to more people and therefore, keep even more children safe. 


Save the Children Australia Child Protection Advocate Karen Flanagan AM, who provided evidence to the commission, welcomed the recommendations and urged the government to take timely steps to implement these important measures.


“All children deserve the right to a safe and happy childhood. Sexual violence against children is devastating, and its impact can last a lifetime,” Ms Flanagan said. 


 “A just response is critical for those who have suffered at the hands of abusers, as is effective implementation of these recommendations, ensuring real changes to institutional cultures and structures to keep children safe.”


At the same time, we can’t forget that while horrific stories have been revealed and key perpetrators dragged into the light from the darkest corners, the issue of child sexual abuse is still live today. 


The commission’s incredible work in no way ceases the act of child abuse across our community, but rather recommends greater mitigation and protection of children at every opportunity. 


It will be up to the government, support services and institutions to make sure the recommendations are enacted, adhered to and the proper checks and balances are in place.


At 198, the recommendations are vast and good. In particular recommendation six which focusses on prevention and creating child safe communities.


This is the space in which Child Wise specialises. We could not be more geared up and motivated to help organisations and institutions embed their child safe culture through policy development and vital training for staff and parents, including     Victorian Child Safe Standards and   Reportable Conduct    programs. 


“It is vital that organisations work in collaboration with community members, other child protection organisations and government to pool expertise and safeguard children effectively, ensuring the sins of the past are never repeated,” Ms Flanagan said. 


To find out how Child Wise can support your organisation please call      (03) 9998 9906     email   training@childwise.org.au and have a look at the range of   training programs.


Original Save the Children Press Release

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