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International Programs


Child Wise is committed to preventing the abuse, trafficking and exploitation of children across the world through its international, community-based programs.

Child Wise is currently working in the Asia Pacific region to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation by: 

  • Working with communities to develop community-based child protection solutions;
  • Working with children to train them in personal safety/protective behaviours;
  • Supporting governments, national tourism authorities, police, organisations and the tourism industry to take control of key initiatives to address child sex tourism and child sex trafficking in the Asia Pacific region through the Child Wise Tourism Project;
  • Working with government officials and local communities across South East Asia to educate them on child sex trafficking, child safe tourism, managing challenging behaviours of children, personal safety and child protection training and capacity building;
  • Working with organisations to assist them to become Child Safe Organisations through the development and implementation of child protection policies and procedures;
  • Researching new trends in tourism and other emerging risks to children; and
  • Advising governments, police, organisations, schools, parents and local authorities on how to deal with cases of child abuse.
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