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Aim of Training

Child Wise takes a community centred approach to preventing child abuse and is partnering with Indigenous organisations and community leaders to deliver a culturally relevant approach to preventing and responding to child abuse in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 


The Yarn Up program focuses on empowering, educating and supporting Indigenous communities to protect their children  from abuse. The workshop provides information, facilitates discussion and supports group work for participants to develop  solutions   for building resilient families and communities. 



  •  Intergenerational trauma.
  • Child  safety and wellbeing.
  • The various forms of child abuse.
  • Indicators and impacts of child abuse.
  • Sexual development of children – normal vs concerning behaviours.
  • Child sex offenders and the ‘grooming’ process.
  • Responding to concerns and seeking help.
  • Working together to build child safe communities.  


Learning Outcomes

  • How to recognise the behavioural indicators of abuse in children.
  • Understand how child sexual abusers can target children and form special relationships with them.
  • How to teach children about body safety and protective behaviours.   
  • Overcoming barriers that enable secrecy, denial and fear.
  • How to respond to a situation or disclosure of child abuse.
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