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Aim of the Personal Safety program

The      Personal Safety for primary  school  children is a   comprehensive    approach to providing children  with practical empowerment and assertiveness skills in order to  minimise their  risk  to  abuse. It teaches children  about their own feelings relating to safety and how to build safety networks.  Most importantly it educates children about how to tell someone if anyone is harming them. This educational and empowering program is especially effective when teaching children and young people how to deal with abuse, bullying, and keeping safe.  The sessions  are tailored to the    needs and age of the group. 


Program delivery

The  Personal Safety program is delivered in a 'train the trainer' approach. Teachers attend a half day workshop whereby they will learn how  to deliver the Personal Safety program to their students.    The training  empowers teachers to assist children in identifying unsafe situations and feelings,  and know how to seek assistance from trusted adults.   

As part of the program, 2 hour 'Wise Parent' sessions are also conducted with parents and carers to ensure they understand the program and  can reinforce the message at home that are being delivered to children at school.




  • Child rights
  • Feelings and safety
  • Early warning signs
  • Body ownership
  • Safe and unsafe touch
  • Assertiveness
  • Secrets vs surprises
  • Online safety
  • Networks   
  • Persistence


  • How to build resilience and assertiveness in children .
  • Helping children to identify feelings and situations of risk.
  • Providing children with strategies on how to manage potentially harmful situations.
  • Assisting children to develop a 'safety network'.
  • Rights and corresponding responsibilities in relation to disclosures and mandatory reporting requirements.
  • Seeking help and providing support.


Learning Outcomes 


  • Identify what is right and wrong behaviour, and what to do if they have concerns.
  • Respond safely to feelings and people who make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Develop good observation and problem solving skills to stay safe.
  • Be strong and confident in the knowledge that they have the right to be safe at all times.
  • Have   the resources and networks to call on if they have concerns or are in danger.


  • How to teach children    personal safety strategies which prevent and reduce the risks of child abuse and violence.
  • Know how to talk  to children about personal safety and healthy sexual development.
  • Understand the process of 'grooming' and the sex offender cycle.
  • Know the laws and issues related to child protection.


Who should attend?

This training is essential for   teachers/schools. It can be delivered on-site or off-site and can be tailored to meet individual needs.


More Information

For more information or to find out how Child Wise can run any of our sessions in-house at your organisation,   email   our Training team or call the office  on    (03) 9998 9906


To find out when our next Personal Safety public training will be held, please visit our  Upcoming Training page  

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