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Managing Children with Sexualised Behaviours


Aim of Training

This innovative program is a one day introductory course on adolescent sexual offending.  It focuses on understanding, assessing and managing adolescent sexual offenders within the residential care environment. This training provides staff with a greater understanding and assists in strategies and requirements to take the most appropriate action in any given situation.

Learning Outcomes

  • A greater understanding of adolescent sexual offending
  • An increased awareness of working with this client population, including risk identification within the residential care setting
  • An understanding of age appropriate sexual behaviour
  • Knowledge on how to effectively respond to children’s disclosures
  • Working knowledge of who to report concerns to and what steps to take next



  • Understanding of children/young peoples’ sexual development (what is normal vs what is concerning behaviour)
  • Practical information on how to respond when a child is displaying sexualised behaviours
  • Age of consent
  • Trauma and attachment
  • Definition and indicators of abuse
  • Mandatory reporting legislation

Who Should Attend?

This training program is aimed for both residential care managers and frontline staff who would like an introduction to understanding adolescent sexual offending.  The training will be conducted from theoretical, experiential and practical frameworks and will be applicable to daily practice.

This workshop provides teachers, youth workers etc with practical strategies on how to work with children who display sexualised behaviours, an issue that is becoming more prevalent in society today. Many child and youth focused workers are not trained in how to identify concerning sexualised behaviour in children. Often they ignore this as being “acting out” behaviour but in actual fact they may be dealing with being harmed / harming others. This training provides workers with strategies on how to respond and deal with these behaviours.

This training program can be delivered on-site or off-site and can be tailored to meet individual needs. For more information, please call Child Wise on (03) 9645 8911 or email 

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