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Child Wise Board



Andrew Blode



Andrew has an accounting background which has led him to work within management roles and take on directorship of a diverse number of commercial businesses over a 25 years. Andrew is the director of Eric Smorgon Corporation and CEO of the Jack & Robert Smorgon Families Foundation. Andrew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Graduate Diploma of Social Science in Philanthropy and Social Investment. Prior to Child Wise, Andrew Chaired the board of the Australian Council for Children and Youth Organisation, and was also part of the Australian Childhood Foundation and Jewish Care Boards.



Dannye Moloney APM

Deputy Chairman


Dannye was a member of the Victoria Police for 41 years, working as a Detective (investigator) for more than 30 years. He was responsible for the formation and management of the Rape Squad in 1989 and the Child Exploitation Squad in 1992. He also spent 6 years developing and supporting the Victoria Police and Australian Government’s responses to child sexual abuse and exploitation. Dannye was also responsible for the Victoria Police management of Crime Stoppers Victoria (2003-8) and is an inaugural member of the End Child Exploitation in Tourism (ECPAT) committee.



Raeleen McKenzie


Raeleen is a psychologist who with 25 years experience in child protection and clinical work, along with management and leadership roles in mental health, and child and family welfare. In 2016 Raeleen retired as the Deputy Director of Berry Street's Take Two program, which specifically addressed the mental health and developmental needs of children and young people who had experienced abuse and neglect. Raeleen currently works as a consultant psychologist.




Rick Willis



Rick has worked in journalism and public relations for almost 50 years. As a journalist, Rick worked for the Melbourne Herald, The Age, Network Ten and 3AW, before joining the Executive of North Limited as head of Corporate Communications. In 2000, Rick joined his wife Imelda as a Director of Network Four Productions, where he has worked as a Public Relations Director for 3 Royal Commissions, as well as assisting clients with issues management, media profiling and strategy development.












Ian Allen (OAM)

Ian holds a Bachelor of Economics and Master of Administration from Monash University. He spent over 30 years in personnel development, executive secretariat, marketing and customer policy. Ian commenced with Pratt Holdings more than twenty years ago and has been involved with a range of activities, including philanthropy, corporate citizenship, investment projects and Government relations. Ian is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and was awarded an Order of Australia in 1998.

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