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Child Wise can evaluate the level of child safety in your organisation and provide expert guidance to help your organisation implement a best practice approach to child safety. After conducting a Child Safety Needs Assessment, we work to build the internal capacity of your organisation to create and maintain a child safe environment  and provide assistance in developing child safe policies and procedures.


Our approach is flexible and modulated, and tailored to fit the context, business structure, size, timeframes and resources for individual organisations. 


Key services we offer: 


1. Child safety needs assessment - a thorough analysis of your organisational culture, environment, policies and procedures to evaluate the extent to which you support and promote child safety and limit opportunities for harm. 


2. Development of policies and procedures related to child safety - an iterative process where we support your organisation in developing legally compliant policies and procedures to fill any gaps identified in the needs assessment. 


3. Development of internal child safety expertise - Child Wise offers a range of Child Safe Training Programs to build sustainable internal child safety expertise within your organisation based on your organisational and staff needs.  



For more information and to get a quote, please call (03) 9998 9906 or email office@childwise.org.au.

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