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In the news: “The government's 'war on kids' won't stop the youth crime problem in Queensland, experts say”

First published by the ABC on 22 Feb 2021. 

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Law changes are expected to be introduced into parliament this week as part of the Queensland government's crackdown on youth crime, including the use of GPS tracking devices as a bail condition for 16- and 17-year-olds, reversing the presumption for bail for some offences, and strengthening anti-hooning laws. 

“Being tough on law and order might make people feel tough and like they are 'doing something' but it won't make the community safer. Thank you ABC for the opportunity to speak on the issue, but more importantly for giving oxygen to Georgia. While all the adults talk about "this youth justice problem" and what we should "do to these kids", we ignore where the real answers should come from.” – Natalie Siegel-Brown, Child Wise Managing Director   

Most juvenile offenders have a history of trauma, abuse or neglect and need to be heard, supported and rehabilitated, rather than imprisoned. 

"No one has actually asked who these kids are and why they are doing what they are doing..." 

Children and young people must be given a voice in issues that affect them. 

Jump to 11:33 of the video to watch the segment on the youth justice issue in Queensland and Natalie's interview with the ABC. 

23 February 2021
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