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Podcast - Closing the Net

Natalie Siegel-Brown, Managing Director of Child Wise, was a guest speaker in the Closing the Net podcast series produced by the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE)

‘Closing The Net’ is a podcast series that for the very first time takes you inside the world of the Australian Federal Police and those policing the ‘borderless crime’ of online child sexual exploitation.

In season 2 episode 2 'TIME TO TALK', Natalie speaks about breaking down some of the myths about online child sexual exploitation, but explains how easily it can happen. 

As part of our Digital Safeguarding Practice, Child Wise provides support and advice to major social media platforms and tech-providers on safeguarding their products. We provide expert guidance in implementing safeguarding mechanisms to ensure that children and young people that use social media platforms and tools are protected in doing so.

In this episode, Natalie reflects on some of the lessons learned from our experience of working with social media platforms on child safeguarding.

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It's been said that anywhere you see an upload button, there is child sexual abuse material. And many of these organisations are unclear about how they actually stop their platforms being used for bad.

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Natalie Siegel-Brown, Child Wise Managing Director

You can listen to the podcast series by visiting accce.gov.au/closingthenet or on any popular podcast streaming platform.

10 September 2021
Category: News