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Child Safeguarding Training Sessions For Sporting Organisations

Regulatory changes across Australia are on the way to ensure organisations with children in their care comply with nationally consistent child safe standards and principles. All sporting organisations, clubs and recreational programs that have a duty of care to children need to make sure their child safeguarding standards and processes are at the highest possible level.

Child Wise are pioneers and experts in child safeguarding and our training will assist organisations to meet the Child Safe Standards and National Principles. Our qualified and experienced experts will come to you and train your teams focusing on awareness, prevention, early intervention and reporting needs. We will work with you to create a robust framework of standards from the ground up, through either face-to-face or virtual classroom training sessions.

What types of sporting organisations will benefit from child safety training?

Our child abuse prevention training programs are beneficial for staff, volunteers, Committees and Boards at organisations operating in a range of segments of the  sporting industry:

  • School and university sports
  • Sports clubs
  • Elite level sporting organisations
  • Sports tourism 
  • Sports event management 
  • Sports apparel
  • Sporting equipment and goods
  • Sporting sponsorship providers
  • Sports governing bodies
  • Sporting legal services and law firms
  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • Health clubs
  • Youth centres
  • Recreation centres

Why Child Wise for child safety training?

Our services help to embed a sense of child safeguarding into organisational culture.

Child Wise views the protection of children within sporting organisations as far more than a certificate on the wall or a few questions online; it is about empowering children and helping them hear their own voices reflected throughout the organisations they are connected to. Our services are flexible, but a key differentiator is we can spread a change of attitude throughout an entire organisational culture.

With almost 30 years of experience delivering child abuse prevention and safeguarding training programs in Australia, we are passionately focused on your role in keeping children safe from harm.  Through our work with all aspects of your organisation including staff, volunteers, medical professionals, coaches etc we aim to create a mindset of child safety where the child is always at the centre.

Child safety and protection training Packages for Sport Organisations

We have a range of child safety training programs that can be tailored to meet your needs. Our packages range from our Child Safe Fundamentals package to our Child Safety Champions package for people who have a dedicated child safety portfolio or want to have a more detailed understanding.

What is the format of our child safety training sessions?

Our programs range in length from 2 hours to 2 days and provide different levels of engagement depending on your organisation’s specific needs.

We provide in-house training sessions that are tailored to the size and complexity of your organisation as well as the needs of your team.

We include practical hands on activities and examples that can be tailored to your organisation to reinforce the learning experience.

Our training sessions are offered as face-to-face workshops or as online courses in our virtual classroom

You can find a full list of our child safety training sessions and workshops here.

Child Safeguarding Resources and Outcomes for Sporting Organisations

Depending on the program, we will provide attendees with valuable accompanying learning material to take away to deepen their knowledge.  

The material provided can help participants map out their action plans and what to do next when back in their day jobs, provide reference material that can be used on a day to day basis as well as help participants to share their experience with fellow colleagues.

Our training sessions will provide team members networking and sharing opportunities in a safe space in each State and Territory across Australia.

Learning outcomes vary by type of training program as well as by what your organisation wants to achieve in that specific session, which will be discussed and agreed with our experts prior to the session. 

Some of the possible outcomes are listed below:

  • increased understanding for sporting Committees, Boards, coaches, officials, staff, volunteers, athletes and medical staff of obligations and expected behaviours when working with children and young people in sport
  • education and support for clubs, recreational programs, state and national bodies
  • guidance for responding and reporting to incidents or concerns 
  • ideas for increasing participation and engagement of athletes and their families in policy development, complaints processes, risk assessments and a child safe culture
  • practice ways of applying Member Protection Policies and Codes of Conduct
  • creating child safety improvement plans for sport and recreation clubs
  • changing culture and spreading your organisation’s child safety message to your wider community

We also offer child safety consulting and coaching services

Some sports organisations are looking for more than training. In addition to child safety training, Child Wise also offers a tailored and flexible consulting service as well as a coaching program. 

If you engage our consulting service, we will evaluate and strengthen your organisation’s child safety practices. Our consulting modules are available for purchase individually or in bundles, flexible to the needs of the sporting organisation. 

Sports organisations who participate in our consulting service may wish to join our accreditation program, which requires participants to complete particular child safety modules that are included with our consultancy. 

Coaching on the other hand will see the organisation itself work towards strengthening its child safety practices and policies. Child Wise coaches work alongside Child Safety Officers and leadership teams in monthly coaching sessions to identify areas of improvement and develop further understanding of relevant components of child safe practices. 

Your sports organisation can become child safe with Child Wise

Want to get started with child safe procedures, review your existing policies or learn more about child safety? Book a face-to-face training session or online virtual classroom today.

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