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Child Wise and Oho

Safeguarding vulnerable Australians by validating workplace safety checks.

Government registries across Australia require organisations working with children and vulnerable people to conduct ongoing safety checks on their workers’ accreditations to protect those in their care. 

This is because whether your organisation works directly or indirectly with children and young people, any incident of abuse or neglect can have a far reaching impact. 

We are working together to help keep Australia’s most vulnerable children safe

The people you employ are ultimately those who end up caring for – or harming – the people who are most in need of safeguarding. 

Under the Australian Human Rights Commission, employers are required to check that all members of their workforce – including paid staff, contractors, and volunteers – are suitable and safe to work with vulnerable people. It is a tedious, and often an immensely resource-heavy task, to constantly monitor your workers’ accreditations to ensure that no individual with an expired or revoked licence still has access to the people in your care. 

This is where Child Wise and Oho step in to relieve the burden.

With their commitment to raising the standards of safety in Australian organisations, Oho and Child Wise offer your organisation a solution to the recurring problem.

With its unique technology, Oho helps organisations continuously monitor accreditations and by notifying you instantly, it significantly minimises the window of risk in which safety breaches occur.

For most organisations, there is a window of risk and with Oho checking every week of every month of every year you can be sure those in your care are safe.

By providing your company with a single source of truth, you can focus on your one true mission: to provide a high level of care for the people that need it most. 

Every single case of abuse impacts not just the victim, but also everyone around them, causing trauma in hundreds of lives. So, if even one case of abuse is prevented, the positive effects of this can be seen in many generations. 

By using credential verification and monitoring technology, your organisation has the capacity to protect not just one, but millions of Australians. This is important not just at the pre-employment screening stage, but also for ongoing verification as the burden of proof has now shifted to organisations.

You can show customers you are verified and safe by signing up to Oho and displaying this badge:

How does this technology benefit your organisation?

Oho’s expiry management system puts all of your checks on auto pilot, even the ones you can’t verify like National Police Checks or first aid certificates. By using its interface, you no longer have to double- or triple-handle checks because the technology platform Oho will verify every single accreditation for you – automatically, every week. 

If an accreditation has expired or been revoked, or even if one is due to expire soon, you will be provided with rapid email notifications so your organisation is never exposed. All of this is easily maintained in a secure and enduring audit trail that can be accessed at all times. 

Currently, Oho verifies: 

  • VIC, NSW, TAS, WA NT and SA Working with Children Check
  • ACT Working with Vulnerable People Check (expiry management only)
  • QLD Blue Card and Blue Card Exemption
  • VIC, NT, QLD, SA, TAS and WA Teachers Check
  • AHPRA Medical Registration Number 

And soon, it’s adding: 

  • NDIS Worker Check

Enabling you to deliver high quality care and keep children safe

The partnership between Child Wise and Oho is another step towards keeping Australians safer by using ‘tech to protect’. Child Wise empowers you, and Oho protects you, so you can deliver high quality care to those who need it most. 

Implementing this technology can be surprisingly quick and economical. To meet with Child Wise and OHO for more information, please contact our helpful staff.

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