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About Child Wise

We empower organisations to honestly say “this company has done everything it possibly can to make sure that children are safe from abuse and harm– and children’s views and voices are listened to seriously in our business". 

We work all over Australia and the world, to empower organisations with everything possible to prevent children ever being abused or harmed.

Of course any organisation that works with kids, or whose practices impact children and young people, have an obligation to keep kids ‘more than safe’ – whether it’s in the physical or online environment. But many organisations don’t realise they don’t have everything they need in place to stop this from happening. 

This means safety from abuse and harm by adults or even other children in the organisation. It also means safety from unintended consequences or actions by organisations that harm children.

Based on the principles of capacity building and prevention, Child Wise works with public, private and not-for-profit organisations to create and maintain a culture where child safety is front of mind. 

We are a not-for-profit subsidiary of Save the Children Australia, an entity which shares our foundation in child rights.

Now a global organisation, Child Wise is active in every State and Territory of Australia, as well as across New Zealand, the Pacific, Asia and the US.

For 30 years, we have embedded organisational cultures where child safeguarding is front of mind across multiple industry sectors.

We are the original architects of the Australian Government’s National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, which have provided the bedrock of our practice for well over a decade.

In Australia, we have worked in rural, regional and remote settings.

We have advisors on the ground across Australia and the world to support you on your child safeguarding journey in a way that “gets” your business. 

We originated as a leading voice on child rights in the Asia Pacific region and were a founding member of the global ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) network. Since 1991, Child Wise has worked with government, non-government and corporate organisations in Australia and internationally, to build child safe communities and cultures.

In 2018, we became part of the Save the Children Australia group, to pursue a shared vision where children are safe from harm. This relationship expands our reach into 117 countries around the world.  Child Wise was the first Australian organisation to develop safeguarding standards as a framework to protect children, and in 2018, we welcomed the Australian Governments’ endorsement of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, which reflect our pioneering work. 

The voice of children and young people are the centrepiece of everything we do and we centralise the voices of children in all that we do.