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Speak Up - Understanding child abuse and your response


This booklet provides parents, carers and professionals who work with children, information about the indicators of abuse and the impacts it has on children. The booklet highlights the importance of preventing and responding to incidence of child abuse and the available support services to make a report.  Download

Speak Up - Understanding child abuse and your response 
- Victoria edition


This booklet provides parents, carers and professionals who work with children, information about the indicators of abuse and the impacts it has on children. The booklet Victorian child protection legislation and child safety standards, as well as the available reporting and support services in Victoria.  Download


Child Grooming: 'Offending all the way through from the start' - Exploring the call for law reform
This  report explores the need for legislation that criminalises the grooming  of children for the purposes of sexual exploitation or abuse. It   examines what grooming is and how it can harm children, considers  current Australian and International legislation, and provides  recommendations for action. The report was completed as part of a grant   from the Victoria Law Foundation. Download  

Child Wise Training Programs and Consultancies
This  booklet outlines Child Wise's training programs and consultancies  available. These training programs can be delivered on-site or off-site  and can be tailored to meet the individual needs of different  organisations and communities.  Download
Yarning Up about Child Sexual Abuse

The Yarning Up  booklet  has been written for aboriginal parents and carers to help  prevent child abuse. The booklet includes how to identify signs and  indicators of abuse, how to talk to children if they disclose, safe  online practices for children and families, how to recognise the  strategies of offenders, and importantly, how to report any concerns.  Download
'Wise Up' to Child Sexual Abuse

This booklet helps parents, carers and professionals that work with children to learn about child sexual abuse. It includes how to identify signs and indicators of abuse, safe online practices for children and families, how to talk to children able safety,how to recognise the strategies of offenders, and importantly, how to report any concerns.  Download

 12 Steps to Building Child Safe Organisations

This booklet introduces the principles of the Choose With Care®  program and the12 steps to building a child safe organisation. If you  want to learn more about creating child safe organisations, the Choose With Care handbook can help you to build a safer environment for children.  Download


‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People’ 

This  information booklet was developed for the first year of the Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People campaign. The booklet outlines the global phenomenon of child sexual exploitation and what you can do if you see any suspicious behaviour involving a child.  Download


Mind the Gaps: A Comparative Analysis of ASEAN Legal Responses to Child-Sex Tourism

This report summarises relevant laws and policy instruments relating to child sexual exploitation in tourism in the ten Southeast Asian countries - Brunei Darussalam, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Mind the Gaps is intended to assist national action and enable regional comparisons to enhance the legal response to this abhorrent crime.  Download

Travelling Child Sex Offenders in South East Asia - A Regional Review 2007-2008


This report  represents the third edition of this unique compendium of information relating to the complex and dynamic phenomenon of the sexual exploitation of children in tourism destinations throughout Southeast Asia.  Download 






ASEAN Tourism Review 2007

This review comprises a  country-by-country overview of child sex tourism from the perspective of ASEANs national tourism organisations, law enforcement agencies and community welfare departments. This review compiles the outcomes of the Annual Meeting of the ASEAN Regional Taskforce to Combat the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Tourism Destinations; an activity conducted  under the Child Wise Tourism program.  Download




Speaking for Themselves: Voices of Young People involved in Commercial Sexual Activity in Australia

The Speaking for Themselves report gives voice to the experiences and views of 30 young people between the ages of 16-29 years involved in commercial sexual activity in Melbourne. This research provides a platform from which to talk about their experiences, their fears and their hopes for the future. The report outlines the needs of these young people who are caught in a web of sex  work, drugs, homelessness and violence, and provides recommendations for the provision of services.  Download 

Females who Sexually Abuse in Organisations working with Children

This report examines the prevalence rate of females who sexually abuse children in organisational settings. The report also reviews current information on typologies of female child sexual abuse perpetrators, and cultural and professional attitudes towards this phenomenon.  Download 

Youth for Sale: A National Inquiry into the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Young People in Australia

This research follows on from the 1998 pilot project Bridging the Gap, and provides insight into the nature and extent of young peoples’ involvement in commercial sexual activity (CSA) within Australia. Youth for Sale looks at the prevalence of CSA of young people, provides an understanding of the forces and circumstances which predispose young people to engage in CSA, as well as the dangers and difficulties associated with young people’s CSA.  Download

Bridging the Gap: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Young People in metropolitan Melbourne

The pilot research was undertaken in 1997 into the commercial sexual exploitation of young people under 18 years of age in metropolitan Melbourne and aimed to inform our National Inquiry Research Youth for Sale. The objectives of the research were to gain insight into the nature and extent of commercial sexual activities of young people, to investigate areas where youth and community services could be enhanced or changed to better meet the needs of young people.  Download 
Traffic Jam: A report on the Commercial Exploitation of Children

Traffic Jam tells the stories of children and families that have been victimised by child sex trafficking in the Southeast Asia region. The report contains quotes and photos of children throughout the region.  Download




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