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Tracking your use

We collect statistics on visitor traffic to our website. These are anonymous and do not identify specific visitors. This enables us to understand how our website is used. Cookies are now used as a standard by many websites. If you prefer not to allow the use of cookies, you may be able to adjust your browser to turn them off or notify you when they are being used. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to access certain areas or take advantage of certain features on our website. 

Connecting with others

 Our website includes references to other organisations and links to other websites. Other sites may also have links to our website. You connect with those organisations and people at your own risk. Where we provide a link to another site, we are inviting you to explore it for yourself. This is not an endorsement of individuals, views, business, products or services advertised on that site. We encourage you to review each website’s privacy policy, especially if you intend to disclose any personal information via that site. 

Using content from our website

 We encourage you to use the material (documents, videos and text) on this website to educate yourself and others. However, if you want to use material for commercial purposes you need special permission before doing so.  Please contact us. You may not use photos on this website, as these are subject to copyright.

Linking to our website

We encourage you to create a link to our website from your website or other social media sites to educate yourself and others. However, if you link to our website, you accept the following rules:

1. You are not allowed to link to us where your website is a business (or other commercial) website without our express permission.  Please contact us for permission

2. You will only use the link in ways which protect and enhance our reputation.

3.  Using the link on your website does not mean that we support or endorse you. 

4.  You use the link at your own risk.

5. We can ask you to stop using the link at any time at our complete discretion.

6.  All appropriate laws (including the laws of the country in which your website  originates) also  apply.

 We may make changes to these rules from time to time without notice. Any changes will be reflected on this page.

This page was last updated in September 2018.