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Aim of Training

Wise Parent is an innovative and unique child abuse awareness, prevention and early intervention program for parents and carers. Adapted from Child Wise’s award winning programs, and supplemented by evidence from international programs, Wise Parent aims to improve parent and carer knowledge about child abuse, by promoting understanding of risk factors and how to prevent child abuse. Wise Parent includes a focus on overall child safety and well-being. Key to the success of the program will be parents and carers understanding of childhood development, indicators of abuse, how to communicate with their children and respond to concerns.

Learning Outcomes

The program will provide parents with tools to recognise and prevent risks, as well as empower them to respond to concerns or incidents of abuse. Parents and carers will be better informed about child abuse and factors that holistically increase child safety and well-being . This enables parents and carers to communicate and support their children to speak up about difficult issues, and increases protective factors that improve parent, carer and child resilience.


Ongoing Support and Resources

Resources such as  books,  self help guides and pamphlets will also be available at the Wise Parent training to assisting parents to communicate about Protective Behaviours with their children.


More Information

For more information or to find out how Child Wise can run any of our sessions in-house at your organisation,   email  our Training team or call the office  on    (03) 9998 9906


To find out when our next Wise Parent public training will be held, please visit our  Upcoming Training page 

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