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Child Wise Consulting

Child Wise can provide tailored consulting services designed to help your organisation strengthen its child safety practice. This may include undertaking a child safety review of your organisation to identify gaps and strengths, and supporting you in developing an improvement plan. It may also involve policy review, as well as the development and implementation of child safe policies, procedures and processes. We are holistic, rigorous and child-focused in our approach, and always aim to deliver tailored support which facilitates lasting change.

Child Wise consulting services are flexible and tailored to the needs of your organisation. The following consulting modules are available for purchase individually, or in bundles as part of a tailored consultancy package. Please note, Child Wise consulting services are not limited to these modules and we encourage you to discuss your organisational needs with our child safety advisors.

Leadership Development

It is important that leaders of any organisation that engages with children and young people understand key child safety concepts and are aware of their responsibilities in the current legislative landscape related to child safety. Engagement occurs through either training (Leading a Child Safe Organisation) or a briefer Child Safety Briefing Session.

  • Engage the leadership group in the process of embedding an organisational child safe mindset
  • Ensure all leaders have sufficient understanding of, and commitment to child safety to facilitate change across the organisation

Child Safety Review

A rigorous organisational needs assessment is the cornerstone of our approach to building a child safe culture. This module utilises a whole-system approach to enable Child Wise to gain a deeper understanding of child safety across your organisation and identify strengths and areas for improvement relative to your organisational context and needs. The needs assessment includes a number of activities including a desktop review of organisational policies, procedures, practice, communication and training; engagement with staff, volunteers, children, young people and parents; and site visits.

  • Equitably and proportionately examine child safety across the organisation
  • Engage all stakeholders, in particular children, young people, parents/carers
  • Provide a transparent, system-wide view of child safety in the organisation
  • Identify strengths, areas for development, risks and mitigation
  • Provide the client organisation with meaningful, achievable and tailored findings designed to shape an improvement plan.

Capacity Building

Child Wise can deliver internal education programs appropriate to your organisation and the needs of your staff and volunteers in order to build the internal capacity of your organisation to improve child safety procedures, practices and culture.  Details of our training programs are available here.

  • Build the capacity of staff, volunteers and managers to prevent, recognise and respond appropriately to child abuse concerns or incidents
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of organisational child safety in Australia
  • Ensure a common understanding of legislative requirements, research and guidance

Improvement Planning

In most cases, the needs assessment will make recommendations which organisations will need to implement prior to accreditation. Child Wise will provide your organisation with an implementation plan that will guide the work going forward to meet child safety standards. Child Wise is happy to provide any support during this phase as needed. This may include developing an organisational child safety framework, supporting the development or review of policies, procedures, or the delivery of capacity building in the form of online or face-to-face training.

  • Work with the organisation to develop a tailored improvement plan which addresses how, when and by whom recommendations will be implemented

Organisations which engage Child Wise consulting services may go on to participate in the Child Wise Accreditation Program. The completion of all of these modules is essential for Accreditation.