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Best Practice Principals in Responding to Complaints of Child Sexual Abuse in Institutional Contexts


This submission is Child Wise's response to the Consultation Paper of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The submission addresses the three main thematic areas of:

1. Best practice prinicipals

2. Oversight of complaints handling - reportable conduct schemes

3. Advice and support to institutions


Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee Inquiry into Out of Home Care Submission


This submission is Child Wise's response to the Senate Inquiry into Out of Home Care. Out of Home Care in Australia is under increasing strain, and there are serious concerns about the outcomes for children entering child protection and out of home care. This submission considers areas for concern, best practice responses, and broad principles for responding to the problems in out of home care.  



National Inquiry into Children in Detention Submission


This submission is Child Wise's response to the Australian Human Rights Inquiry into Children in Detention. There have been serious incidents of abuse and neglect within detention facilities, and further abuses are at risk of taking place. There is now enough evidence to show that the conditions in immigration detention facilities are not, and cannot ever be, conducive to a safe and healthy environment for children.  


Enhancing Online Safety for Children - A submission by Child Wise and PwC.
This  submission responding to the Federal Government’s Enhancing Online  Safety for Children public consultation paper has been written by Child  Wise and PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia (PwC). We chose to jointly write the submission because it highlights the importance of business  and not-for-profit sectors working together on an issue which  encompasses a diverse range of interests.  

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