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National Child Abuse Helpline 


The Child Wise National Child Abuse Helpline is a toll-free  number providing Australians with access to expert advice from trained counsellors and an opportunity to speak up about child abuse. 


A wide range of people affected by child abuse contact the Helpline, including victims, parents, relatives, teachers, friends, professionals, carers and many others. Many of the callers require information on the indicators of child abuse and what to do, information about issues related to normal child development and assistance on how to talk to children about personal safety.

Many people contact Child Wise with concerns about children they know, or if they have concerns about child abuse but are unsure what to do. Child Wise has also found that the majority of people do not know who to turn to if they have a concern about a child. Often people are reluctant to contact the authorities with their concerns and require some guidance, which demonstrates why the continuation and growth of the Helpline is so important to Child Wise’s mission to prevent child abuse, especially child sexual abuse. 

Child Wise also receives calls from people seeking information or support  in regards to the  Royal Commission  into Institutional Responses to  Child  Sexual Abuse. Please click here for more information about the Royal Commission and our Starting Point  Helpline services.

You can contact our toll-free National Child Abuse  Helpline from Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm AEST. 

Phone:   1800 99 10 99
Email:   helpline@childwise.org.au 

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