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About us

Child Wise is committed to keeping children and young people safe from harm. 

Our services help prevent of child abuse and exploitation by building the capacity of organisations and businesses to ensure the safety of children and young people in their care. 

Through consultancy, coaching and accreditation we help organisations strengthen their internal child safeguarding capacity and ensure compliance with child safety principles and legislation. 

We are a social enterprise of Australian Childhood Foundation. Child Wise originated as a leading voice on child rights in the Asia Pacific region and was a founding member of the global ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) network. 

Since 1991, Child Wise services have worked with government, non-government and corporate organisations in Australia and internationally, to build child safe communities and cultures.

Who we are

The Child Wise mission is to lead the world in transforming systems and institutions to keep children and young people safe from abuse and harm.

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Examples of our work

At Child Wise, we work with organisations of all sizes across a variety of industries to help them strengthen their child safety practice and build a child safe culture.

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Safeguarding vs child protection

All children, regardless of their age, gender, ability, race, or sexual orientation, have the right to be safe and feel safe.

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