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Our work with community services

Child safeguarding review and coaching with Uniting Vic.Tas

Working with Child Wise has helped Uniting Vic.Tas prioritise our child safe practice, systems and culture to ensure it becomes part of our everyday thinking. Having the support of an experienced coach ensures we are receiving contemporary information, embedding the right elements in the right places and provides assurance that we are heading in the right direction."

Amy Padgham, General Manager – Quality & Compliance

Uniting Vic.Tas work with many children and young people in Early Education, Out of Home Care, Disability and Youth Services, throughout Victoria and Tasmania. Back in 2019, they undertook a significant Child Safety review with Child Wise to identify strengths and improvement areas. This progressed to having an embedded Child Wise advisor working in the business alongside key staff, two days per week for a period of 10 months, to support implementation and improvement goals.

In 2020-2021, Uniting Vic.Tas have continued developing their child safety strategy with the support of Child Wise in a different way. They are currently building their capacity with the weekly support of a Child Wise Coach.  This Coach offers guidance and leading practice industry knowledge and helps maintain momentum and support to the Quality Improvement Team.

During the last 12 months, Uniting Vic.Tas have:
  • Adopted a new Child Safety Policy Framework
  • Established a Child Safety Advisory Committee
  • Participated in leadership training for 100 senior leaders
  • Upskilled a group of 100 Child Safe Champions across the organisation
  • Developed a Child Safety induction module for the workforce
  • Created Child and Young Person friendly resources
  • Implemented a Child Safety Risk Assessment tool across all programs and services
  • Enhanced existing Human Resource tools

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