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Child Wise Accreditation

Child Wise Accreditation provides assurance that your policies, processes, governance and culture are compliant with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations and State/ Territory based legislation, and that leaders demonstrate a commitment to continuously trying to make things safer for children and young people.  

The Child Wise assessment framework includes detailed indicators which pinpoint the specific actions and evidence required for organisations to demonstrate child safeguarding capacity. In jurisdictions with legislated child safe standards, Child Wise ensures these are mapped to its methodology so that organisations can be assured of legislative compliance.

In the international context, this framework is adapted to local contexts and international standards, such as the Core Humanitarian Standards, OECD DAC recommendations and the IASC 6 core principles relating to sexual exploitation and abuse. 

Crucially, it aims to promote outstanding practice in the way that organisations listen and respond to the explicit and implicit voices of children and young people. Accreditation cannot guarantee that children and young people who spend time in your organisation will be safe from harm all of the time.  It does, however mean that there are processes for responding to child safety risks and minimising the potential for harm to occur. 

There are three levels of Child Wise Accreditation awarded according to how effectively organisations have embedded Child Safe Standards into their policies, practice and systems. Child Wise views organisational child safety as an ongoing process of improvement and encourages organisations to keep striving to be better, safer places for children and young people. As such, we have introduced three levels of Accreditation to provide a road map for organisations wishing to continuously improve; each progressive level recognises the sustained changes that organisations are making in their efforts to safeguard children and young people and empower them as active participants in their communities.

Bronze accreditation

Although an entry level Accreditation, a ‘Bronze Accreditation' indicates that all Child Safe Standards have been assessed as at least embedded, with less than 50% as exceeded. This means that Child Wise can see evidence of the Child Safe Standards in policy, practice, systems and organisational culture. Organisations which meet a 'Bronze Accreditation' can be assured that they are complying with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Silver accreditation

A 'Silver Accreditation' means that all Child Safe Standards have been assessed as embedded, and the organisation exceeds minimum requirements in relation to the majority of Standards.

Gold accreditation

In order to achieve a 'Gold Accreditation' an organisation must demonstrate they have exceeded minimum requirements in relation to all Child Safe Standards.

More information

Is your organisation Child Wise?

We offer Child Wise Accreditation to any organisation that works with children and can demonstrate that their policies, processes and culture are consistently child safe.

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Child Wise Accreditation - information for families and communities

Accreditation is only awarded to organisations that can demonstrate they meet the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

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Benefits of Child Wise Accreditation for organisations

Child Wise is a sector leader, and as such our Accreditation will serve as credible, visible evidence of your organisation’s commitment to child safety. 

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Accreditation program modules

Unless otherwise indicated, the following modules are essential for Accreditation. Organisations, however, can identify one or more modules to undertake as part of a tailored consultancy service outside of the Accreditation program.

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