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Most people know that policies, procedures and strategies are a critical way for organisations to communicate their commitment to child safety to their stakeholders – children, young people, families, staff, volunteers and communities. 

However, for a suite of child safeguarding documents to be more than just ‘documents’, they need to be lived throughout the organisation. For this to happen, they must be accessible to all stakeholders, well understood, inclusive and relevant to an organisation’s context. Child Wise can support your organisation to achieve this aim.  

'One-size fits all' models do not work. We invest time in understanding the operational context of your organisation to ensure that our advice is practical and fit-for-purpose.  

We provide tailored support to help your organisation review and strengthen child safeguarding policies, procedures and strategies, and develop systems to implement these well. We can help you to ensure that your organisation is not only compliant with legislation and the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, but that you have a framework of policies, procedures and strategies which provide a foundation for building a genuinely child safe culture. 

Child Wise can support your organisation by undertaking some or all of the following:
  • Developing and/or co-designing policies, procedures, strategies and systems tailored to your context.
  • Reviewing child safeguarding policies, procedures and other relevant documentation against legislative requirements and the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. Documents include, but are not limited to: statement of commitment to child safety, child safeguarding policy, code of conduct, and policies and procedures related to children’s participation and empowerment, people management, child-focused complaints handling, child safety, and risk assessment and management.
  • Reviewing digital safeguarding policies and procedures against internationally recognised standards.
  • Providing you with evidence-based recommendations for improvement.
  • Engaging with children, young people and families in the process of review and development policies, procedures, strategies and systems. 
  • Developing a Child Safeguarding Organisational Framework which integrates all child safeguarding policy and legislative requirements in a single, easily-accessible hub.

If your organisation has engaged Child Wise to conduct a Child Safeguarding Review, the development of policies, procedures, strategies and systems will be informed by the findings and recommendations of the review.

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