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Child Wise Accreditation

Is your organisation Child Wise?

We offer Child Wise Accreditation to any organisation that works with children and can demonstrate that their policies, processes and culture are consistently child safe. Child Wise accredits against a Child Safe Organisations Framework that includes:

  • The National Principles for Child Safe Organisations;
  • Legislation relevant to particular jurisdictions, including state-based Child Safe Standards; and
  • Child Wise ‘success criteria’, including specific indicators and evidence expected in organisations with a well embedded child safe culture.  

Once Accreditation is achieved, it is a three-year arrangement during which Child Wise partners with organisations to support continuous improvement, integrate new legislative requirements and emerging best practice, whilst ensuring Accreditation requirements continue to be met. 

Benefits of Child Safety Accreditation

Child Wise is a sector leader, and as such our Accreditation will serve as credible, visible evidence of your organisation’s commitment to child safety. It will reassure stakeholders, including children, young people and families, that your organisation prioritises child safety and has invited external scrutiny to ensure a child safe culture exists.

The Child Wise Approach to Child Safety Accreditation

The Child Wise framework is multi-dimensional and aims to ensure your organisation has the capacity to:

  • Prevent risk to children by building open and aware culture, whilst targeting specific environmental and situational factors;
  • Identify child safety concerns and intervene in child-focused ways;
  • Respond to disclosures and allegations of abuse;
  • Learn from serious incidents to drive continuous improvement; and
  • Empower children of all ages to contribute to increasing their safety.

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