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Child Wise Accreditation

Child Wise is a Child Safety Accreditation provider that will assess your organisation and, if compliant, your organisation will become recognised as a Child Safe organisation.

Child Wise is the only provider that accredits against the 10 National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. Our Accreditation program provides a visible demonstration in the form of a child safety certification that your organisation has met the requirements of the highest state and national principles and legislation, and is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

Is your organisation Child Wise?

Child Wise provides an end-to-end service to help organisations where children and young people spend time meet the highest state and national child safe standards and demonstrate a best practice approach to child safety. The accreditation process is robust and methodical in ensuring quality and compliance. Our accreditation is designed to embed an organisational mindset that keeps children safe from harm within your organisation, one that is reviewed and maintained into the future. At the end of the process, your organisation will become accredited by a panel of experts in the field and you will be recognised as a Child Wise organisation and given a child protection certification.

Benefits of Child Safety Accreditation

Child Wise is a pioneer and sector leader in organisational child safety, and as such, our Accreditation will serve as credible, visible evidence of your organisation’s commitment to child safety. It will reassure stakeholders, including children, young people, parents and carers, that your organisation prioritises child safety.

The Child Wise Approach to Child Safety Accreditation

The Child Wise framework is multi-dimensional and aims to ensure your organisation has the capacity to:

  • Prevent risk to children by building open and aware cultures, whilst targeting specific environmental and situational factors
  • Identify child safety concerns and intervene in child-focused ways
  • Respond to instances and allegations of abuse
  • Learn from serious incidents to drive continuous improvement and
  • Empower children of all ages to contribute to increasing their safety

Accreditation Requirements in a Nutshell

Whilst detailed standards will differ depending on State/Territory, the following is a brief overview of the requirements you will be expected to achieve in order to be accredited by Child Wise.

  • Child safe leadership arrangements and evidence which indicates leaders have established a culture of child safety
  • Evidence that children, families and communities are actively involved in, and consulted about, child safety
  • Child safe policies, procedures and codes of conduct
  • Child safe arrangements for recruitment, selection, supervision and management of staff and volunteers
  • Evidence of robust, child-focused risk management
  • Evidence that organisations have built a sustainable child safe culture that includes ongoing staff education about child abuse.

For more information download the Child Wise Consulting, Coaching and Accreditation Brochure or contact our expert advisors