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Child Wise Coaching

We understand that not all organisations will want to undergo Child Wise Accreditation or have an external organisation evaluate their operations. To support these organisations, we offer a Child Wise coaching program that works with leadership teams or child safety officers and provides them with the tools to build child safety capacity. 

What does child safety coaching entail? 

This program includes a monthly coaching session, each one focusing on a particular aspect of child safety. Leaders attending the sessions will gain an in depth understanding of each element of child safety and will be supported to develop action plans to address any gaps. This program is best delivered across a year when the organisation has prioritised a focus on child safety.

The child safety coaching program is suitable for leadership teams in organisations such as:

  • Schools
  • Corporates
  • Sports organisations
  • Churches
  • Community services
  • Councils, and more

Coaching can occur face-to-face, or via online channels if the organisation is located remotely.

How is coaching different to consulting?

Child safety consulting and coaching are two different ways of building child safety capacity in your organisation. Contact one of our child safety advisors to discuss which model is most suitable for you based on the specific needs of your organisation.