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Child safeguarding training & consulting for schools

Regulatory changes across Australia are on the way to ensure organisations with children in their care comply with nationally consistent child safe standards. As a result, all schools need to make sure their child safeguarding standards and processes are at the highest possible level. 

We work with school teachers, principals, volunteers and other staff

With 30 years of experience delivering child services to the educational sector, we are passionately focused on our role in keeping children safe from harm. We work with teachers, principals, volunteers and other staff members to create systemic change that is right for your organisation. Our programs are designed to methodically embed a mindset throughout organisational culture to prevent abuse and exploitation. 

How do we help your staff empower children within the school community?

Our services help to facilitate and entrench a culture of child safety within organisations. 

Child Wise sees the protection of children within schools as far more than a certificate on the wall or the answering of a few questions online; it is about working with adults within the school and empowering children to share and hear their own voices reflected throughout the institution’s values, principles and practices. Our services are flexible, but the key to real change is through an organisational culture movement that embraces and entrenches child safeguarding in everyday practice. 

What does Child Wise offer to schools?

We provide a suite of services;  a variety of training programs (delivered face-to-face or online), coaching, consulting and accreditation which can transform your school into one which engages with children and young people, hears their views and voices and includes their opinions in what keeps children and young people safe, and ensures they are truly heard. 

Face-to-Face training packages for schools 

Our range of training programs can be tailored to meet your needs. Our packages range from introductory child safety information programs to more in-depth training options for those who have a dedicated child safety portfolio or want to have a more detailed understanding. 

Format: from 2 hours to 2 days, providing different levels of engagement depending on your school’s specific needs. 

We provide in-house training sessions that are specifically designed to accommodate the size and complexity of your organisation as well as the needs of your team. 

We include practical hands on activities and examples to reinforce the learning experience. Our training sessions also  provide networking and sharing opportunities within a supportive and  safe space. 

Learning outcomes vary depending on the training program and by the inclusion of the identified needs of the institution, which will be discussed and agreed with our experts prior to the session. 

Online child safety training for schools

We are now offering virtual classroom training options.  A virtual classroom is a teaching and learning environment where participants can interact, communicate, explore and discuss topics, and engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting.

Delivered by highly qualified and experienced Child Wise trainers, our virtual classrooms are limited to a small class of up to 20 participants to ensure a complete learning experience for participants.

To read more about the virtual training programs on offer, please click here.

Tailored consulting and coaching services to meet the needs of schools

We recognise that the education sector will sometimes require a more tailored safeguarding solution.  We also understand that accessing one of our training programs might help you to better understand your gaps, and the sort of support you need to strengthen your safeguarding practice.  As such, Child Wise offers a range of bespoke consulting and coaching services, including:

  • Child Safety Reviews which are holistic, systemic processes designed to help you understand your strengths, gaps and opportunities for improvement;
  • Desktop reviews of policy, procedure and other documents to assess compliance with legislation and the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations;
  • Development of policy and procedure;
  • Systemic learning reviews following a serious incident to help you assess the effectiveness of policy, procedure and practice and identify opportunities to strengthen your safeguarding approach going forward;
  • Coaching around a range of safeguarding topics which will provide you with the tools and resources to implement changes in your policy, procedure and practice.

Child Wise offers a child safety accreditation program

Child Wise also offers a Child Safe Accreditation program for organisations seeking  visible recognition that they meet a prescribed set of child safeguarding standards.  The Child Wise Accreditation program is built around the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations as well as additional Child Wise requirements, and involves a rigorous assessment of child safety practice in organisations.

We also run regular child safety webinars and online events

Child Wise regularly offers child safety webinars and other online events on a range of topics which are relevant to the education sector. Check out all upcoming events here.

Contact us now to learn more about how your school can benefit from our services and to talk directly to one of our in-house experts.

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